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We are happy to announce that the following papers have been selected for presentation at the EC-TEL 2009 Doctoral Consortium:

Alario-Hoyos, Carlos; Gómez-Sánchez, Eduardo and Bote-Lorenzo Miguel L. Third-Party external tool integration for achieving tailorability in collaborative learning scenarios using Virtual Learning Environments   

Börner, Dirk and Specht, Marcus Awareness for Contextualized Digital Contents in Ubiquitous Learning Environments    

Draaijer, Silvester Improving the Design Process for Selected-response Questions in Higher Education   

Eagle, Sarah. Learning with interactive digital technologies in informal settings     

Filsecker, Michael and Hickey, Daniel Formative Assessment and Feedback in Educational Videogames

Gegenfurtner, Andreas Technology-mediated learning at work: Uncovering the evolution of seeing, understanding, and medical imaging 

Held, Christoph The Impact of Social Tags on Information Search and Knowledge Acquisition

Kelle, Sebastian Game Learning Patterns   

Knoth, Petr Semantic Annotation of Multilingual Learning Objects Based on a Domain Ontology  

Michelet, Sandra; Luengo, Vanda and Adam, Jean-Michel DiagElec: A model of Diagnosis in Electricity using a learner’s model   

Pavel, Gabriela Intelligent support for human learning of concepts from examples

Anupama, Roy; Evans, Catrin and Sharples, Mike Mobile Game Based Learning for Peer Educators of the Males having Sex with Males Community in India   

Schwämmlein, Eva. Self-presentation in Online Communities: Assimilation and Differentiation Processes

Schwind, Christina; Buder, Jürgen and Hesse, Friedrich W. Multiple Perspectives by Recommendations: Looking Beyond the Obvious  

Siewiorek, Anna Toward business computer games as learning environments

Uworwabayeho, Alphonse New technologies: mediation to change mathematics teachers to promote learning  

Väljataga, Terje Forming a personal learning environment: an expression of self-direction in higher education   

Weber, Nicolas Gardening the Evolutionary Growth in Social Systems 



Preparations for the Doctoral Consortium

Until the end of August we will:

    • Assemble peer groups of 4-5 students according to thematic similarity
      Students will be informed via e-mail
    • Assign two mentors (on with psychology/social sciences background, one with computer science background) to each peer group  
      Students will be informed via LinkedIn – so please set up a LinkedIn account if you not already have one

Mid September we will start the peer reviewing process:

    • Using easychair each student will be asked to peer review all the submissions within his peer group
    • The mentors will also provide their in-detail reviews via easychair


On September 29 we will all meet in Nice to review your work and exchange ideas.

We are looking forward to meeting you there
Frank Fischer & Stefanie Lindstaedt


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